Re-Source Yourself… And Feel The Difference In Living An Empowered, Effective, Abundant, Joyful, Fulfilled And Loving Life… Moment By Magnificent Moment…

Awakened   Empowered   Abundant   Infinite 

simple, practical, effective tools for empowered living

Imagine what your life would be like if anytime you felt held back, ineffective, shortchanged, or limited in any way, you could use a secret tool to gain power, confidence, momentum, and every result you have ever wanted.

You would feel inspired.  You would move with ease, rock solid confidence, and clarity in any direction you choose.

You would be unstoppable in the Infinite Energy that makes Everything Possible.

You would live the life of your dreams as Empowered Infinite Being!

You would finally have it all! 

However there is more to it than wishing you could have it.  There’s even more to it than envisioning it with continuous and steady focused intent. 

What gets you there is the Method you learn in the Transformation Coaching Intensive:

Re-Source Yourself: Infinite Being-Empowered Life. 

In this Transformational Coaching Intensive you will…

  • Get the tools that break you free of everything that holds you back.
  • Learn how to disappear embedded patterns that limit you.
  • Move boldly and confidently beyond your limitations forever.
  • Master the technique of transforming any feeling of discomfort, limitation, or constriction into the exact energy that empowers you.
  • Craft the life you truly want from your Inner Wisdom.
  • Live every day in peace, power, joy, and abundance.
  • Experience creative ecstasy like never before.
  • Uncover the real Law of Attraction.  (You will be amazed.)

Re-Source Yourself: Infinite Being-Empowered Life Intensive is a 16-Week Program.  Each session is recorded and archived, and you will also receive written notes. 

The Program includes 4 private laser coaching sessions which you may schedule at any time during the 16-weeks.

You may also schedule additional private coaching sessions at an expression of appreciation designed exclusively for this Program.  This exclusive pricing applies during and up to 6-months after the 16-week Intensive.  

Re-Source Yourself: Infinite Being-Empowered Life Intensive is for those who are serious about being on the Accelerated Path for Awakened, Empowered, Abundant, Infinite Living.

Therefore, there is a Process for registering which allows you and me to know if this is what you Truly want. 

You Begin
by emailing

Email to schedule your 20-minute Inquiry Session.  You will then be given the information and procedures for registering and reserving your space.

The moment you register for Re-Source Yourself: Infinite Being-Empowered Life Intensive you instantly, although unconsciously, begin awakening to the process of reclaiming your inner power and unstoppable confidence.  This is an amazing phenomenon that happens when you take this action.

Email now…
and get on the path to your
Infinite Being-Empowered Life!

Empowered, Jamelle

Jamelle Rackley-Riley